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control your equipment, lines and operations

Automation is about controlling your equipment, lines and all of your operations. The greater your control, the more value you can squeeze out of your production. We bring you over 40 years of experience in providing automation and information solutions tailored to the needs of the food industry – your needs – and have embedded that intelligence in our equipment and production solutions. This ensures you total control of plant operations, and the benefits that brings: enhanced and guaranteed performance, consistent product quality, uncompromising food safety and reduced environmental impact.​​

Bring your entire food production operation into the future

Optimise your performance with the world’s most advanced automation and information solution for food production. Get ready for the future of food production – and cover all your sites and equipment with ONE open and scalable solution.

  • Grow and improve your business

  • Get full support on your journey to lights-out operation

  • Secure food safety, quality and enable end-to-end traceability’

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Automation solutions with Tetra Pak PlantMaster

Tetra Pak® PlantMaster

Achieve total control and top performance

Make the most of your production with our continuously developing family of open, scalable Tetra Pak® PlantMaster automation and information solutions – arguably the best automation and information solutions for food production available today. Customize a Tetra Pak® PlantMaster solution to match your needs and optimize your production by achieving total control of a process, a complete line or an entire processing and packaging plant.

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PLMS Centre, monitoring performance on tablet

PLMS Centre

Achieve top performance of your packaging lines

Take full control of the packaging line performance with PLMS Centre, our packaging line monitoring system. In your filling and packaging line, you need to be able to manage all the data, in detail, in order to assure top performance shift after shift, year after year. PLMS Centre automatically collects and presents consolidated operational data in a user-friendly interface.

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Line Controller solutions

Line Controller solutions

Manage and integrate your packaging line

Our Line Controller handles the configuration of the entire line and controls it during production – managing conveyor speeds and the starting, stopping and by-passing of machines. The Line Controller also serves as the integrating point of single lines into plant automation systems. This includes download of recipes and exchange of production data to the plant Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

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