Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser 4000 A2

Highest capacity and uniformity; lowest production cost

  • High product quality thanks to gentle handling of ingredients - inclusions remain in tact
  • A loss-in-weight control system and optimized auger selection ensures accurate dosing of expensive ingredients
  • Production method guarantees even distribution of added ingredients throughout the product

​​​Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser 4000 A2 for ice cream products


​Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser 4000 A2 is a unit for continuous and accurate injection of additional ingredients into an ice cream or other liquid or viscous product​


100 to 1200 l/hr (throughput of ingredients)
Up to 10,000 l/hr (product flow)

Ice cream mix or other liquid or viscous product with added fruit pieces, nuts, candy, and large inclusions like cookie dough and whole biscuits.


Hopper lid

Enables easy access and flexible line layout

Since the lid over the hopper flips up from right to left, ingredients can be added from two sides at a low re-feeding height. This gives operators easy access from two angles, and if required, two dosers can be placed beside one another without obstructing the refill process.

Turnable operator panel

Enables easy access and flexible line layout

The operator panel is placed on top of the electrical cabinet on a swivel base, which makes it possible for operators to turn it to the best viewing angle, and to reach the touch screen easily.

Choice of augers

For highly accurate dosing

As the auger turns, the ingredients are transferred at a steady dosing rate from the hopper to the pump. This unit can be fitted with a variety of different augers, and they are easy to change. This means your dosing is always optimised for the product type, size and required capacity range.

Lamella pump

Gentle handling keeps ingredients intact

Ingredients are fed into the lamella pump and the cavities between the lamellas carry the inclusions into the pressurized product zone. The pump is designed to transfer the ingredients gently into the pressurized base product, without breaking or damaging them, and without incorporating any air into the mixture.

Compact design

Maximizes space efficiency

Thanks to the unit’s small footprint (0.9 m2) it can be used in almost all production plants, even where space is limited.

Loss-in-weight control system

Accurate and repeatable dosing (3% lowest standard deviation)

The loss-in-weight control system, combined with the correct auger selection, make it possible for this unit to deliver extremely accurate dosing. It typically achieves a standard deviation dosing rate of less than 3%, depending on the size and type of inclusion.

CIP front cover

Minimizes the risk of damage to the pump

For best results when cleaning, all the tight tolerances inside the lamella pump should be released to enable thorough flush through. This is achieved with an automatic CIP front cover inside the pump’s closed system. It also ensures you have the right pressure during operation, and thereby reduces wear and tear of pump parts during both operation and cleaning.

Patented hopper design

Gentle handling of sensitive products

Several smart features enable gentle handling of sensitive and brittle inclusions such as cookie pieces and fruit in thus unit. The agitator moves back and forth without spinning, and the auger is shaped to enable gradual filling and even takeout. This minimizes circulation inside the hopper and prevents clumps from forming. A grooved outlet pipe releases ingredients evenly into the product pump inlet funnel.