Recycling, it matters to us and we work on it every day. We work with partners around the world to improve recycling infrastructure, find innovative uses for our recycled cartons and educate consumers about the value of recycling. We make recycling meaningful and real around the world.

Recycling Tetra Pak carton packages

Carton collection and recycling in your country

Explore how you can recycle beverage cartons in your country.

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The recycling journey infographic

The recycling journey

We believe our responsibility doesn’t end when we sell our packages. Recycling gives beverage cartons a new life, but have you ever wondered how? Follow the journey (pdf).

Awareness and education

Billions of Tetra Pak cartons are recycled every year, yet many consumers are still unaware cartons can be recycled or don’t know where to recycle them. In cooperation with customers and partners we raise recycling awareness around the world.

Improving infrastructure

Recycling infrastructure is essential for the successful recycling of our used beverage cartons. We support the development of this infrastructure by working with private and public sector partners to provide collection and recycling opportunities.

Expanding markets

Without demand there is no incentive to collect cartons or make products from recycled materials. So we are constantly looking for new ways to repurpose used beverage packages into innovative and profitable products.

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