Girl drinking milk, processing solutions

Processing Solutions

Processing solutions and equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages and prepared food.

Carton packages for food and beverages

Packaging Solutions

A complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh products, offering user convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life.

Service solutions, improving performance

Service Solutions

Tetra Pak® Services helps you improve your performance, optimize costs and ensure food safety throughout the lifecycle of your operations.

We can help you with your food.

Securing superior service

The new Tetra Pak® Plant Secure management service can help improve efficiency and cut production costs by looking in detail at the whole plant.

The service starts with a detailed audit of all equipment and systems, enabling our specialists to identify opportunities and implement improvements throughout the entire operation. All Tetra Pak Plant Secure contracts come with targets around operational expenditure reduction and capital expenditure optimisation.

Pilot projects have been carried out in the Americas and in Europe, delivering results above customer expectations. For example, an Americas-based dairy producer reduced operating costs by more than 10% in the first year of implementation, and the project continues to deliver further savings.

Ice cream training for winter

Tetra Pak, in association with channel partner Fincher, has launched a new winter training package.

Created specially to help ice cream businesses be more self sufficient and increase knowledge within each company, the on-line programme will be provided by specialists from Tetra Pak’s Ice Cream Product Development Centre (PDC) in Denmark. The package is suitable for all sizes of business, irrespective of the brand of machinery used and the type of product produced. Click the pic for details.


Tetra Pak receives EHEDG Food Safety Certification in Food Processing with Tubular Heat Exchangers

Press Release

The Tetra Pak Tubular Heat Exchanger equipment​ has become the first tubular heat exchanger to receive the EHEDG certification​ meeting the leading food safety

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Tetra Pak introduces first-of-its-kind low energy processing line for juice, nectar and still drinks

Press Release

Revolutionised process treats beverages in two separate streams using a combination of Pasteurization, Filtration, and UV technology

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Tetra Pak commits to net-zero emissions

Press Release

Reconfirms its strategic priority in driving the sustainability transformation by setting an ambition for net zero emissions across the value chain by 2050

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Tetra Pak launches its first complete processing line for white cheese

Press Release

A complete processing line for feta type white cheese products, with a fully automated and integrated solution to ensure the highest standard of food safety

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Customer cases and articles

The TCO challenges for producers of semi-hard cheese

Case Page

Semi-hard bulk cheese prices have been under constant pressure over the last decades. To meet the challenges this brings, controlling overall costs is key.

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Consumers turn to immunity-boosting products in pandemic

Case Page

The global pandemic has escalated an already growing trend for health products, especially immunity-boosting food and drink.

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How ice cream manufacturers can use innovation to overcome the challenges of Covid-19

Case Page

Tetra Pak is the leading provider of equipment to make ice cream – from the mix-plant, freezers, ingredient dosers, extrusion​ and end-of-line solutions

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