Combined technology makes perfect mix
New mixer is ideal for low viscosity beverages
Our new Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI combines radial jet and coaxial injection technologies to ensure efficient addition and mixing of powders and concentrates. It is perfect for making pre-mixes up to 200cP for beverage products such as carbonated soft drinks, still drinks, nectars, ice tea and energy drinks.

Operators can add ingredients at floor level from sacks, big bags and various kinds of concentrate containers quickly and easily. A small, economical pump then injects and mixes ingredients into a 3000 litre batch tank. Instantaneous mixing helps ingredients dissolve quickly and the unit is designed to ensure homogenous distribution.

Benefits include:
• Efficient, flexible mixing across a range of batch sizes (down to 10% of tank size)
• Ingredients can be added quickly and easily 
• Minimum investment cost and low energy consumption
• Low powder and concentrate waste for efficient production

For further information contact Alan Stack 07788 915502

Stirred, not shaken
New agitator for IBC containers
The Tetra Pak® Agitator IBC is specially designed for mixing concentrates with a viscosity of up to 500cP in industry standard IBC containers. 

Its unique design allows the contents of the IBC to be agitated consistently, independent of the fill level and prevents air being incorporating in the product. It is particularly useful when mixing concentrates that are prone to separate.

Advantages include consistent agitation regardless of the amount in the container. An optional CIP container enables full hygienic cleaning.