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Mayonnaise and eggs

Mayonnaise - cold, thick and a rich in flavour

Mayonnaise is a cold sauce with a thick texture and a rich flavour – an oil-in-water emulsion containing vegetable oil, egg yolks and spiced water. The sauce is used as spreads on sandwiches and burgers, the creamy base in cold salads, dip for French fries and much more.

Consumer preferences for taste, texture and appearance vary considerably and are highly dependent on country and region, with traditions in some cases extending back for 250 years. As a result, the mayonnaise variants in production are numerous. Add the web of local codes for naming, labelling and formulation and throw in ever-changing consumer trends, and the challenges of mayonnaise producers become obvious.

Getting the right taste and texture

It is certainly not a trivial task to predict mayonnaise texture and appearance, as these parameters are influenced not only by ingredient types and composition, but also heavily by the processing method, equipment type and scale of production. However, Tetra Pak has developed a prediction tool to optimize mayonnaise production methods, and offers specialized equipment that can be tuned to different modes of production. We can help convert your emulsified sauce processes from trial-and-error activities that require a lot of resources into a systematic, efficient and measurable portfolio of processes.

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