Tetra Pak® A1 for Tetra Wedge® Aseptic

Get more from less

  • A productive, reliable system thanks to good uptime ( MTBF) and low average repair times (10 minutes)
  • Highly efficient use of utilities enables a low operating cost and a good environmental performance
  • Can produce Tetra Wedge® Aseptic 125ml and 200ml Slim packages or underfill options of 110ml and 180ml with a change over time of just 4 hours


Operator panel

It’s never been easier to operate

The production is easily managed through a Tetra Pak Operator Panel (TPOP) system on the ground level. All major functions can be initiated and supervised - from production preparation to the Cleaning in Place (CIP) function.

Small footprint

Reduces customer system costs

This machine has a small space requirement in relation to the number of packages produced (11,300 packages for 200ml or 15,000 packages for 125ml, per hour on a footprint of 2892 x 8135 mm). Space efficiency enhances operational efficiency and helps bring down the overall customer system cost.

Packaging material infeed

Longer production runs raise efficiency

Aseptic system

For reliable sterilisation of packaging material

Consists of a shallow hydrogen peroxide bath, squeegee rollers and a heating chamber. Rollers distribute the hydrogen peroxide evenly; controlled heating and evaporation give effective sterilisation. Control of aseptic parameters ensures product protection and minimises the risk of operator errors.

PLMS Centre

Operational control and performance analysis

The packaging line monitoring system (PLMS) enables tracking of production performance, such as possible stop reasons, efficiencies, waste levels.

Package Types

Tetra Wedge® Aseptic Slim

125 ml 200 ml

Tetra Wedge® Aseptic Ultra

150 ml

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