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The Leadership Acceleration Programme is designed to give our future leaders the insights and tools to develop their competences and harness their full potential.

Career development

​​​​​Developing our future leaders

The Leadership Acceleration Programme (LAP) was established in 2013 with the aim of developing the next generation of Tetra Pak managers.

LAP is designed to give our future leaders the insights and tools they need to further develop and strengthen their leadership competences and harness their full potential. The programme should help them to become more self-aware and reflective, and to dare to think differently for the benefit of the business as a whole. By bringing together participants from different functions, nationalities and backgrounds, the programme also provides a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and establishing a broad network of contacts.

After an initial 360° assessment, the 35 participants on the 2014 programme (representing 21 different nationalities) went to Lund, Sweden for a week of lectures and presentations on leadership, change, innovation and strategy from internal and external leaders, including Dennis Jönsson, President and CEO of Tetra Pak.​

They were also briefed on their team projects, each sponsored by a senior leader within the business. They then worked on these projects for three months, going on fact-finding field trips to different markets and receiving ongoing coaching and support from their project sponsor. Finally, delegates gathered again in Divonne, France, for a week of working sessions and reflection. The programme ended with project presentations to the Global Leadership Team.

Overall feedback about the programme’s impact continues to be very positive, from both participants and senior management. It was given an average score of 4.9 out of 5 by those on the course. The programme will run again in 2015, with participants from 15 different nationalities.

Becoming a better leader

Mauro Gargiulo, Director Systems Processing in DSO Packaging Material, was one of the participants in the 2014 LAP. “The Leadership Acceleration Programme has been a milestone in my development, both professional and personal. If I had to summarize what it meant to me, I would choose three words: Discover, Experience and People.

“I’ve chosen the word ‘Discover’ because it reflects the ‘explorer’ mindset required by the programme. It was about understanding myself and my strengths and identifying how I could develop my emotional leadership to contribute to both company and personal success. The programme was also a discovery in the sense of getting to know the big picture of Tetra Pak, from markets to supply chain, from strategy to operations. That helped open my mind to a more holistic way of thinking.

“Second, it was a simply awesome experience: a unique opportunity to explore different realities and take on new challenges. Essentially you’re getting years of experience concentrated into just a few months, based on a real business task, working with a cross-functional team and being supported by experienced coaches. My project, on dairy development in sub-Sahara Africa, took us to the next frontier of business development. We were working closely with customers and colleagues from across the company.

“Above all, though, the programme was about people: being inspired by our current leaders, and meeting the next generation, my colleagues and team mates [some of whom are pictured below, with Mauro on the back row, far right]. We established relationships and connections that go beyond the bounds of the training itself to create a strong network that I continue to leverage in my daily work.

“Yes, the programme required a lot of effort – but we also had a lot of fun. I believe every single drop of energy I put in there has been repaid 120%, helping me push back my limits and become a better leader for Tetra Pak.”

Mauro and colleagues


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