Style on-the-go with Tetra Top® Mini and MiniV carton bottles

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Looking to refresh and expand your portfolio? Tetra Top® MiniV is a modern package with an attractive and unique shape. It’s suitable for a variety of chilled products, such as drinking yoghurt and flavoured milks. The V-shape offers endless design possibilities to communicate content - perfect for eye catching differentiation. Available in three sizes to cater to all your consumers’ needs…even the little ones.


These days many people aspire to be personally sustainable. They seek packaging that helps them consume smarter. With the Tetra Top® Mini and MiniV, the package delivers great handling and protection, and is made of paperboard which is a renewable material and comes from FSC™ certified forests and other controlled sources. Offer your customers easy open packaging with a striking look, that’s also environmentally sound. It’s contemporary packaging for the modern consumer.

The FSC™ license code for Tetra Pak is FSC™ C014047


Our Eifel™ O38 cap has it all. One step opening, built in tamper evidence and re-sealable drip-free lid. Combined with a convenient 38mm wide opening, it’s the perfect choice for your on-the-go products.


Tetra Top® Mini and MiniV are ready to go anywhere, anytime. Robust and reliable, they are safe to throw in a backpack or handbag for adventures close to home or further afield, something that consumers are more interested in than ever.

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Tetra Top 330 Mini and 330 MiniV facts

Find out more about Tetra Top Mini and MiniV