Lubrication solutions


FGL benefits for the Tetra Pak® Homogenizer

  1. Extend (up to double) the lifetime of lubricants and reduce the frequency of oil changes.
  2. Dissolve old sticky residues in gearbox or crankcase by using synthetic Tetra Pak® Food Grade Lubricants. Our synthetic oils contain additives that help dissolving the residues.
  3. Reduce variation in the viscosity caused by temperature.
  4. Increase protection against corrosion.
  5. Waterproof grease with anti-aging and antioxidant properties.
  6. Easy and seamless replacement: no upgrade needed. Just drain, clean and fill with new lubricant.
  7. Leverage on a reliable product approved by Tetra Pak.
  8. Facilitate your supply chain by using one unique supplier for your lubrication needs.
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Potential Savings

By switching to Tetra Pak synthetic food grade lubricants, oils consumption can be reduced by 47% or 34.17 gallons, generating savings in cost and other benefits by investing less time in oil changes and reducing wear rate of components.

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Dry Lubrication for conveyors

Better sustainability credentials and less risks

Switching from wet to dry lubrication removes one of the main hazards in your production line environment: WATER. Not only do wet and slippery floors compromise the safety of your staff, but water and wet lubrication can also cause damage to packaging and result in increased environmental impact due to water consumption.


  1. Decreased lubricant consumption
  2. No water consumption
  3. Secure product environment
  4. Reduced handling and maintenance
  5. Convenient one-stop-shop

We are responsible for the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the application system, as well as supplying the spare parts.

Success story

CUSTOMER: Dairy Producer

CHALLENGE: Decrease water utilization throughout the customer's plant by understanding the feasibility of a lubrication system that would not depend on this resource while maintaining the quality of the High-Density Polyethylene package.

SOLUTION: By introducing the ‘Dry Lubrication System’ it was possible to eliminate water and water-based lubrication consumption while improving the sustainability credentials of their operations and cut lubricant annual costs by 80%.

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For manufacturers wanting a modern and efficient production line, dry lubrication is the obvious choice. Switching from a conventional wet lubricant to MicroDry® results in significantly reduced running costs of the conveyors, the elimination of water consumption, an increase in energy savings as well as quality and workplace safety.


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