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No need to think

In fact globally, research reveals that 17% of dairy, juice and still drink beverage occasions were consumed routinely, without much thought and to relieve basic hunger or thirst.

“Their rationale is that they just don’t want to feel empty,” explains Michela Vallalta, Global Consumer Intelligence Manager, Tetra Pak. “We call it the Control Need State. Drinking without putting much thought into it but at the same time feeling in control.”

According to the research, a higher percentage of 30 – 49-year olds and females versus males (53 vs. 47%) account for beverage occasions which fit within Control and these are highest in Spain (28%), France (24%), South Africa, Japan and Brazil (21%).

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Since the consumer likes to be in control, there is also an element of inherent trust of the brand through previous experience and they also typically tell us,

“The beverage I drink should come across reliable and practical, I don’t want to spend time thinking about it.”
“It should be available where I shop and give good value for money.”
“Long life/UHT products are very convenient.”
“I want packages I am used to.”

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What are they drinking?

The beverages they mostly turn to on these occasions include:
UHT milk
Fresh milk
Soy milk
Lactose reduced or lactose free milk
Sour milk
Value added milk
Drinking yogurt

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Breakfast staple

So, it’s not surprising that most consumption occasions take place at home (76%), on weekdays (68%), whilst having breakfast (27%) and that larger packages, sizes at least 1-litre sizes, are preferred.

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I recognize that

When it comes to products which fit this need, consumers are less interested in packaging or products which have too many extras. They’re looking out for a shape which they are used to, a package that is easy to pour from, easy to store, easy to open, is resealable, hygienic and protects the product.

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Their ideal product?

Traditional, reliable and practical come to mind. And a product needs to be available where they shop, provide good value for money, a brand they trust, a long life or UHT product, a local brand and last but not least, nourishing.

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Source: Tetra Pak Global Occasion-based Need States Segmentation Research 2017.

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