Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit 1800 M2

Prepared for present and future production needs

  • Easily adapt to produce a wide range of products
  • Easily add extra modules to adapat to future production needs
  • Highly compact and robust design saves space and enables easy operation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Dip and transfer unit 1800 M2

Multilane transfer and dipping for ice cream

The Tetra Pak® Dip and transfer unit 1800 M2 is a medium capacity, multilane transfer and dipping equipment for ice cream production. The unit​ is intended mainly for use with Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel M3 models, and can be used for wide range of ice cream products.

Typical examples of product types include products with sticks (all types) as well as cones, wafer cups, candy bars, slices, briquettes, sandwiches and mini-bites. ​



Up to 24,000 products/hour


Ice cream sticks, sandwiches, slices, candy bars, bite sizes, ball top cones and wafer cups​​


Ingenious gripper head cradle

Fast product changeovers

When changing from one kind of product to another, from stick to sandwich for example, it is necessary to change the gripper head. An ingenious solution, in which the gripper head is placed in a cradle and fast connection air fittings are used, allows operators to have both hands free for assembling and disassembling the gripper head. Thus, changing the gripper head only takes two operators about one minute to complete.

Overlapping grippers

Very low product waste

The gripper head is equipped with up to 24 grippers. The grippers’ profiles overlap, which means they can pick up a product even if it is not positioned in precisely the correct spot. They also pick up everything from the trays - no product escapes! Used in both pick up and lay down, this feature is unique to our dip and transfer units.

Chocolate tank

Coating precision reduces giveaway and saves money

The chocolate tank keeps chocolate and other coating matter at a steady temperature and is controlled by the dip and transfer unit. Two pumps circulate the coating matter and keep the dipping cup topped up, so exactly the right amount of chocolate is applied to each ice cream, with minimal giveaway.

Dipping divisions

Enable production of variety multipacks

The coating tank may be split into two sections, each one equipped with a pump and an agitator. This makes it possible to coat two different products, with or without inclusions, and thereby create variety packs.
Dip-cup design

Uniform distribution of dry ingredients (rice puffs, nuts, almond splits, etc.)

The chocolate tank’s dip-cup design ensures a continuous flow of chocolate all throughout the cup and ensures uniform products with the dry ingredients evenly distributed in the chocolate coating. The tank is designed with a sloped bottom and no corners, preventing build up of dry ingredients.

Dipping control system

Product accuracy and repeatability

Once set by the operator, the dipping speed, time and level are all automatically controlled by the recipe handling system. This ensures the correct amount of expensive ingredients such as chocolate are applied - no more no less – and that the process is perfectly repeatable.

Tool-free dismantling

Easy operation and cleaning

Pumps and dip cup are dismantled without using any tools, and there is no risk of damaging parts. All parts are constructed so that it’s impossible to mount them incorrectly or in the wrong place. This optimizes the cleaning process.

Lay down system

Enhances food safety and wrapping accuracy

This servo-driven system is designed to gently place the product in exactly the right position on the paper lane. The absence of contact with human hands also eliminates contamination risks.

Fence guard

Enhances operator safety and hygiene

A stainless steel fence is placed around the whole unit with pre-determined exits for non-conforming products. Its open wire mesh design enhances safety and hygiene without limiting visibility.

Double indexing of products

Fast handling of products

The faster a product is wrapped and send to cold storage, the better the quality of the product. The unit can also be set to run with double indexing for products that do not require dipping, reducing the time from pick up to lay down in the wrapping machine by half.

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